The Good Life?

The Good Life by Betty Krasne

The Good Life?
a novel by Betty Krasne

Available for purchase at Little House of Books in Kent, CT, and through Amazon.

BETTY KRASNE is the author of six previous books: Playing The Part—Collected Poems, A Dangerous Thing—A Memoir of Learning and Teaching, and Body Parts—Stories. Also, under the name Betty K. Levine: Hex House, Hawk High, and The Great Burgerland Disaster.

What Readers Are Saying About The Good Life?

“I got seriously involved in your small town Conn. novel, and it was a three day affaire. I couldn’t wait to get in bed and finish the story....Defining a positive vision of one of these cozy towns, despite the layers of dysfunction and manipulation but hopefully redemption of the characters as presented in the book. It was a good read! Congratulations!”

“I’ve done it—read your novel. Very good story, very well told, not surprisingly. And written by a REAL gardener, one with an aesthetic and talent to keep things growing. The rich details were terrific—almost like watching a color film to read your settings. Really well done, Betty.”


“Just finished your fine book. I want to write now while everything is fresh in my brain. I thought your writing was silky smooth, the metaphors apt. I loved the characters and I thought their motivations right on. The small town locate rung true. I read with anticipation to the end.”


“Congrats to you. I just finished “The Good Life?” and like and admire it very much. Great characters. Perfect setting. Story unfolds and just keeps moving right to the end. Yeah for you. A job well done.”

—M. Greenside

“I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed reading “The Good Life?”...It was as beautifully written as all of your work, but this one had extra spice because I felt as if I knew lots of the characters. The story was fun and engaging, the telling of it held my attention and all in all if was A Good Read (with no question mark).”


“First off, I finished reading the book this weekend. (I began with excerpts but got so engrossed that I couldn’t put it down.) Congratulations! I am so impressed. Such rich characters and a beautiful story.”

“A delightful story that takes place in a small town. From the onset, the reader meets characters that make this novel come alive along with nature, human relations, realistic situations. Is everything we see in “The Good Life?” what it appears to be? Perhaps readers could examine the cover of the book and come to their own conclusions. A delightful book, highly recommended.”

—R. O’Meara


“The Good Life?” is available for purchase at
Little House of Books in Kent, CT, and through Amazon.



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